Earth Spirit Aromas

About Earth Spirit Aromas

My mother, Jeanette (a fully qualified aromatherapist of many decades & energy healer) and I, Juanita (a nurse and energy & crystal healer) greatly enjoy working together to bring you our unique range of products to support both your physical & energy bodies and your growth along your own, personal spiritual path through working consciously with your energy through your aura and chakras.


We have developed this range of beautifully blended oils in order that you might enjoy a life of balance & vitality. We use pure, therapeutic grade, 100% natural essential oils as they hold a very high vibration. The more sensitive to energy you are/ become the more you will feel the high quality of these and subtle changes in your energy field as you work with them. Each is diluted to the recommended 3% dilution for safe application to your skin.


Essential oils each hold a specific vibrational frequency and are quickly absorbed into our bodies and energy field. Here at Earth Spirit we have blended the ones that resonate most with each of your chakras for the best effect. It's such a wonderful soothing and uplifting way to work with energy and shift any blockages we might have in these energy centres, including patterns that no longer serve us. Not only to they smell heavenly & are absorbed aromatically in this way, they are also absorbed topically through our skin (the biggest organ in our body).


With our chakra range we are using beautiful coloured bottles to incorporate the healing vibration of colour. In addition I have infused these oils with crystal energy. As a crystal healing practitioner I just couldn't resist, as I have enjoyed seeing their positive affect on my clients over many years of using them. Yet another very beautiful and gentle tool to aid you.