A little more about my carvings

I choose each carving myself over a period of a week or two.

First I spend time meditating, tuning in, asking the people that are looking for certain skulls on their path to step forward.

I then connect with the beings who work through the crystal skulls (dragons or unicorns), asking them to step forward and to show me with clarity which crystal carving they would like to use.

Then I trust the process and go with the ones that jump out at me.

The crystal skulls, dragons and unicorns that I sell are all hand carved by a very small team of carvers and polishers, with whom I have been working with almost five years now.

I love knowing that by supplying crystal carvings to you it's helping them and their families, who I have got to know as friends over the years.

They use machine not hand tools but still carve by hand much in the same way I would use my drill to drill a hole to put a picture up. I love how each carving is so unique and I've come to tell each carver apart by their little carving quirks.

It is with great joy and love that I bring you such high quality carvings.

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