About Crystal Skulls

I believe, above all else, crystal skulls are here to bring love into our lives and help raise our level of consciousness at an accelerated rate.

We can come from only two places, love or fear. To come from love is to be free. Free to learn and grow and to let others do so too. To come from fear is to give away your power.

I once read something John Armitage had written which really struck a cord with me. He said “The most important challenge in integrating this Love is to Love ourselves. Now is the time to wake up to our multi-dimensional selves and become whole. Wholeness is Love.”

So, with this in mind I believe the crystal skulls and the crystal skull conclave are here to help us reawaken to our multi-dimensional selves and help us grow along our spiritual paths.

The beautiful thing is that all crystal skulls are connected (just as we are) to all crystal skulls both modern and ancient and emit a high frequency crystalline light/ energy that surrounds both you and them.

Crystal skulls have long been used by indigenous people, especially shamans for ceremonial, healing and energy work, as an integral part of their medicine and daily lives.

How wonderful that they are once again so freely available to us and that we may use these beautiful tools to connect with sentient beings for guidance and support as a part of our spiritual growth.