It is also known as Texan Que Sera, Vulcanite, Rhyolite, Blue Liberite and Blue Opal.

Regardless of their locality “Brazilian Que Sera” or “Llano, Llanite, Texan Que Sera” essentially share the same composition and properties.


Llanite is made up of Quartz (blue) inclusions, Microcline and Plaglioclase Feldspars, Biotite, Iron Oxides, Magnetite. The benefit of this is you get to enjoy the properties of all of these in one stone, thus making it a very powerful stone to work with energetically. It calms, soothes, energizes and rebalances, whilst bringing clarity of thought and stability to one's emotions. It also helps you bring joy and a positive outlook into your life and in so doing helps you manifest it.

Llanite supports standing in one's own power and setting boundaries.

It shield against Wi-Fi emanations and other electromagnetic pollutants and geopathogens


Llanite connects to all the chakras, bringing energy through to you via the higher chakras & opening, cleansing and stimulating the whole of the chakric column

It brings a strong chi/ prana/ life force energy into one's body, lighting up every cell in your body and thus manifesting optimal well-being. As a powerful carrier of Qi energies, it boosts the immune system and is thought to recharge and balance the meridians and organs of the subtle and physical bodies.

a powerful stimulator of the Earth Star, Base, Sacral, and Stellar Gateway Chakras, and placed below the naval, activates the Higher Sacral Chakra that resides in the dantien.

It has a strong action to stimulate your clairaudient abilities.


Que-Sera is a stone of the Angel of Air, Chassan

5.04" Llanite Crystal Skull