Our 7 main chakras are the energy vortexes in our body through which we take in and assimilate energy, thus energising our bodies. They run vertically up our bodies and connect to our vital organs. Each holds its own signature vibration and relates to certain qualities and lessons we seek to master positively in so we may become our best possible self and enjoy life to the full. Our chakras are the lens through which we see the world, so it's really important to keep them in balance and flowing freely.


Our aura is the energy field around our physical bodies.



The base chakra addresses our basic needs and survival.

We have used a blend of oils which help bring you into a feeling state of safety and security, as well as a sense of belonging. Only when these key needs are met can we move up to working with the higher chakras. Many of us find ourselves returning to a state of insecurity when life jolts us or we feel threatened. This throws the base chakra out of balance. These oils help to ground us, so we feel connected to the Earth and our sense of purpose here by linking our base chakra to the crown chakra as well as the heart chakra. This special combination of oils ground and integrate all our energies in a very spiritual and most practical way. This blend also aids in self healing.



This is our creative chakra and the one which relates to our sexuality, soul fire and connection to the universe. It is a very important chakra to keep in balance so our true, authentic, creative selves can shine through. We have a tendency to store a lot of past trauma here.

We have used a blend of oils which help to clear anger and fear, act as a shock absorber and which are general healers on subtle and emotional levels



The solar plexus is our power centre and relates to empowering ourselves , when functioning in a healthy way. The question to ask yourself is do you feel empowered or victimised. A lot of fear and ego is stored here. When this chakra is balance you feel alive and synchronicities flow in your life.

We have used a blend of oils which help to clear fear and are uplifting, clearing, stimulating and energising.



The heart chakra is the chakra which links our lower and higher chakras. It is the one which keeps us in balance. If our heart chakra goes out of balance it throws the others out of balance too. When it is balanced and open we come from a place of compassion, trust, peace and inner joy. We are loving to ourself and others.

We have used a blend of oils which are balancing on all levels and hold a vibration specific to that of the heart chakra for healing and strengthening of it. They hold the vibration of love which is ultimately the key to unfolding and a desire to work towards enlightenment This blend also links the heart to the sacral chakra, where we store a lot of trauma, that we may send it love and heal with the power of love. Once we feel safe, only then do we release past trauma and step fully into into our full potential. Only when we love ourselves enough, do we let go of past trauma.



The throat chakra is our communication centre – with others, spirit and ourselves. It has to do with expression of our feelings and speaking our truth. When open and balanced we communicate with ease and confidence and live life creatively with a good sense of timing, rhythm and flow in our lives.

We have used a blend of oils which help us express our highest truth and reflect spiritual light. They help us express our emotions. In addition they link heaven and earth, just as the throat chakra does, enhancing spirituality and strengthening our link with the divine. Our throat chakra is the one we use to connect with our guides and angels, along with the third eye and so we have included oils which not only clear physical catarrh but also emotional and spiritual congestion.



Our third eye chakra is all about our inner vision, intuition and wisdom, as well as the ability to make decisions. When balanced we are optimistic, intuitive and enjoy the ability to plan, along with a great imagination/ Both essential in manifesting the life we desire.

We have used a blend of oils which strengthen our third eye, help with intuition and inner wisdom and enhance dreaming for guidance . They also aid clarity in all mental processes and concentration, as well as relieve mental fatigue.



Our crown chakra connects us to the divine and other people in a sense of oneness. Balanced we are aware, open minded and thoughtful and are able to receive spiritual guidance with ease.

We have used a blend of oils which connect us to the angels and bring us in touch with our higher selves, bringing physical and spiritual aspects into union. They work as a rescue oil and psychic cleanser, healing , cleansing and purifying, removing and warding off negative energy. Together they inspires the highest spiritual connection by connecting our crown chakra to our 8th chakra, thus bringing in greater divine guidance from spirit and our higher self, as well as helping provide a link to our energetic blue print for this life time

Chakra Set of 7 x 10ml Rollette Bottles