(30 ml Blue Glass Atomiser)


Empaths are highly sensitive beings who find it hard to put up healthy boundaries and not take on issues of everyone around them. In addition they are very sensitive to energy and feel deeply and acutely the energy of things going on around them, from a friends emotional distress to the anger of a society or the trauma following a natural disaster.


The combination of oils we have blended lend themselves towards a greater self love and personal self care and acceptance. They also link the physical with the spiritual, thus assisting with greater support from our guides, angels and higher selves. Very often an empath feels so deeply because of difficult things they have been through and experienced. The oils used here are great at helping with self healing, thus the wounded can become the wounded healer. They also link the heart and base chakras, thus connecting us with the Earth upon which we walk, the greatest healer and love of all – Gaia.



Shake very well first to mix the oils, then use the atomiser to spritz the essential oils around you and into your aura. Cleanse and clear you can spray around the room you wish to cleanse or in your own aura.

Empaths (Atomiser)