(30 ml Blue Glass Atomiser)


We each have a guardian angel who's sole purpose is to look after us. This blend of oils help us bridge the gap between the seen and unseen and open up our higher chakras, thus allowing for an ease of communication and connection with that which is unseen to many of us. This oil incidently can also connect us with the trees.


This is a wonderful oil to use when connecting with your guides and angels from both the point of seeking guidance as well as just feeling loved. It's like having a warm snugly blanket wrapped around us, so we feel safe. Secure and loved. It's an incredibly calming, uplifting and spiritual oil, which I know you'll love.



Shake very well first to mix the oils, then use the atomiser to spritz the essential oils around you and into your aura. Cleanse and clear you can spray around the room you wish to cleanse or in your own aura.

Guardian Angel (Atomiser)